What is Grind 75?

"Grind 75" or "Blind 75" (as it's more commonly known) refers to a curated list of 75 coding problems from LeetCode, which are considered essential for preparing for technical interviews at major tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and others. The term "Blind" refers to the anonymous user "Blind75" who compiled this list.

Key Aspects of Blind 75


  • Focused Preparation: The list aims to help candidates focus their preparation on a set of problems that effectively cover the key concepts and problem-solving techniques needed for coding interviews.


  • Diverse Problem Set: The 75 problems encompass various topics such as arrays, strings, linked lists, trees, graphs, dynamic programming, and more.
  • Balanced Difficulty: It includes a mix of easy, medium, and hard problems.
  • Complete list of Blind 75 questions.


  • Efficiency: By concentrating on these 75 problems, candidates can efficiently cover a wide range of patterns and algorithms without getting overwhelmed by the vast number of problems available on LeetCode.
  • Depth Over Breadth: Encourages deep understanding of certain problem types and algorithms instead of a superficial grasp of a broader range.

Community Endorsement:

  • Popular Among Candidates: This list has gained popularity in the tech community as an effective way to prepare for coding interviews.


  • Candidates often use this list as a study guide in the weeks or months leading up to their interviews, ensuring they've covered a broad spectrum of potential interview questions.

It's important to note that while the Blind 75 list is a great resource, successful interview preparation also includes understanding the underlying concepts, practicing problem-solving strategies, and being able to explain your thought process clearly during an interview. Additionally, tailoring your preparation based on the specific company and role you are applying for can further enhance your chances of success.

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