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Top 5 Platforms for Mock Interviews

Which 5 platforms offer the best tech mock interviews

Preparing for tech interviews can be daunting, but mock interviews are a great way to hone your skills.

Here are the top five platforms that offer mock interviews to help you practice effectively:

1. provides a structured approach to mastering interview questions commonly asked at major tech firms.

The platform is particularly beneficial for those looking to strengthen their skills in system design and coding, offering in-depth courses and live mock interviews tailored to this niche.

It offers mock interviews in the following areas:

  • Coding Mock Interview
  • System Design Mock Interview
  • System Design Interview for Senior Engineers or Managers

Key Features

  • Specialized System Design Interviews: Focuses on preparing candidates specifically for system design interviews common at top tech companies.

  • Live Mock Interviews: Provides live practice sessions with feedback, tailored specifically to system design and coding.

  • Expert-Led Instruction: Courses and mock interviews are conducted by FAANG experts with industry experience, ensuring high-quality learning and realistic practice scenarios.

  • Personalized Learning: Offers customized learning material to individuals and in-depth feedback, highlighting their strengths and areas that need improvement.

  • Customized Prep: Provides company-specific preparation resources and guidelines for FAANG and other companies.

  • Resume Review: Help individuals improve their resume and design it according to the industry best standards.

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2. Pramp

Pramp is renowned for its unique peer-to-peer mock interview approach, allowing users to practice both interviewing and being interviewed.

The platform matches users with peers based on availability and skill needs, creating a bi-directional learning environment.

This setup is especially beneficial for those looking to get a realistic feel of the interview process while also helping others improve​.

Key Features

  • Peer-to-Peer Practice: Matches users with other engineers to practice interviewing each other in live, 1-on-1 video sessions​​.

  • Bi-directional Learning: Participants take turns being both the interviewer and the interviewee, which enhances understanding from both perspectives​​.

  • Automatic Matching and Scheduling: The platform handles scheduling and matches users based on their skills and needs​.

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3. offers anonymous mock interviews with senior engineers from top tech companies like FAANG.

The platform focuses on providing a real interview experience with immediate feedback.

This service is great for those looking to practice without the pressure of revealing their identity, making it a safe space to make mistakes and learn from them.

Key Features

  • Anonymity: Offers fully anonymous mock interviews, where neither party knows the other's identity, reducing bias and pressure​.

  • Feedback from FAANG Engineers: Users receive immediate and actionable feedback from experienced engineers from top companies like Google and Facebook​.

  • Realistic Practice: Focuses on high-stakes technical questions similar to those in actual tech interviews​.

4. TechMockInterview

At TechMockInterview, you can practice with professionals who have experience interviewing candidates at top companies.

The platform provides a realistic interview setting and detailed feedback to help you pinpoint areas for improvement.

It’s a good choice if you're looking for direct guidance from experienced tech professionals​​.

Key Features

  • Professional Interviewers: Provides access to interviews conducted by experienced tech professionals who have real hiring experience​​.

  • Detailed Feedback: Offers comprehensive and specific feedback to help candidates improve their interview skills​​.

  • Simulation of Real Interview Scenarios: Practices are designed to mirror actual tech interviews in terms of both environment and difficulty.

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5. InterviewBuddy

InterviewBuddy offers a user-friendly interface for conducting mock interviews via video, which are recorded for later review.

They provide a detailed scorecard after each session to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

This platform is ideal for those who want a detailed analysis of their performance.

Key Features

  • Video Mock Interviews: Conducts mock interviews via video, which are recorded for later review by the user​​.

  • Detailed Performance Scorecards: After each session, users receive a detailed scorecard analyzing their performance, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement​​.

  • No Downloads Required: The platform is accessible directly via the web, requiring no software installations, making it convenient and accessible.​ ​

Final Words

Online platforms nowadays offer unique features that can cater to various needs..

The top 5 platforms for mock interviews discussed in this post help users excel in their technical interviews by providing realistic practice environments, expert feedback, and a variety of learning resources to suit different preparation needs.

By utilizing these services, you can significantly improve your interviewing skills and boost your confidence when facing real tech interviews.

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