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Solution: Shortest Common Super-sequence

Problem Statement

Given two sequences 's1' and 's2', write a method to find the length of the shortest sequence which has 's1' and 's2' as subsequences.

Example 2:

Input: s1: "abcf" s2:"bdcf" 
Output: 5
Explanation: The shortest common super-sequence (SCS) is "abdcf". 

Example 2:

Input: s1: "dynamic" s2:"programming" 
Output: 15
Explanation: The SCS is "dynprogrammicng". 


  • 1 <= s1.length, s2.length <= 1000
  • s1 and s2 consist of lowercase English letters.

Basic Solution

The problem is quite similar to the `"Longest Common Subsequence"




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