Grokking the Advanced System Design Interview
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Introduction: System Design Patterns

This lesson gives a brief overview of the system design patterns that we will be discussing in the following lessons.

In the following chapters, we will discuss a set of system design patterns. These patterns refer to common design problems related to distributed systems and their solutions. Knowing these patterns is very important as they can be applied to all types of distributed systems and are very handy, especially in a system design interview.

Here is the list of patterns we will be discussing:

  1. Bloom Filters
  2. Consistent Hashing
  3. Quorum
  4. Leader and Follower
  5. Write-ahead Log
  6. Segmented Log
  7. High-Water mark
  8. Lease
  9. Heartbeat
  10. Gossip Protocol
  11. Phi Accrual Failure Detection
  12. Split-brain
  13. Fencing
  14. Checksum
  15. Vector Clocks
  16. CAP Theorem
  17. PACELEC Theorem
  18. Hinted Handoff
  19. Read Repair
  20. Merkle Trees

Let's get going.

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