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Designing Twitter Search

Twitter is one of the largest social networking service where users can share photos, news, and text-based messages. In this chapter, we will design a service that can store and search user tweets. Similar Problems: Tweet search, Facebook status search Difficulty Level: Medium

1. What is Twitter Search?

Twitter users can update their status whenever they like. Each status (called a tweet) consists of plain text and our goal is to design a system that allows searching over all the user tweets.

2. Requirements and Goals of the System

  • Let's assume Twitter has 1.5 billion total users with 800 million daily active users.
  • On average Twitter gets 400 million tweets every day.
  • The average size of a tweet is 300 bytes.
  • Let's assume there will be 500M searches every day.
  • The search query will consist of multiple words combined with AND/OR.




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