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Designing Uber backend

Let's design a ride-sharing service like Uber, which connects passengers who need a ride with drivers who have a car. Similar Services: Lyft, Didi, Via, Sidecar, etc. Difficulty level: Hard Prerequisite: Designing Yelp

1. What is Uber?

Uber enables its customers to book drivers for taxi rides. Uber drivers use their personal cars to drive customers around. Both customers and drivers communicate with each other through their smartphones using the Uber app.

2. Requirements and Goals of the System

Let’s start with building a simpler version of Uber.

There are two types of users in our system: 1) Drivers 2) Customers.

  • Drivers need to regularly notify the service about their current location and their availability to pick passengers.
  • Passengers get to see all the nearby available drivers.




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