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Coin Change
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Given an infinite supply of ‘n’ coin denominations and a total money amount, we are asked to find the total number of distinct ways to make up that amount.


Denominations: {1,2,3}
Total amount: 5
Output: 5
Explanation: There are five ways to make the change for '5', here are those ways:
  1. {1,1,1,1,1} 
  2. {1,1,1,2} 
  3. {1,2,2}
  4. {1,1,3}
  5. {2,3}

Problem Statement

Given a number array to represent different coin denominations and a total amount 'T', we need to find all the different ways to make a change for 'T' with the given coin denominations. We can assume an infinite supply of coins, therefore, each coin can be chosen multiple times.


  • 1 <= coins.length <= 12
  • 1 <= coins[i] <= 2<sup>31</sup> - 1
  • 0 <= amount <= 10<sup>4</sup>

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